BlockPaper is the next-generation of blockchain value storage

Backed by real-world assets (paper links), BlockPaper is a revolutionary, centralized blockchain value store that defies all preconceptions you might have about blockchain.

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The Revolution Starts Here

Imagine a world where all transactions can be tracked on a single, linear chain of paper links. Centrally managed in a corner in my home office, each link in this chain represents a step forward into our collective future - a future that you can use your money to own a small part of.

This revolutionary blockchain concept is full of amazing features

Unlike other more complicated cryptocurrencies, BlockPaper is a concretecurrency based on real-world tangible assets that you can touch... well, you can't touch it. I can touch it. It's in my house and you're not allowed in my house.

Centrally Managed

BlockPaper is managed by me personally (and only me) and does not require consensus from other parties to validate transactions. This means that outside forces cannot takeover the BlockPaper network. This single-point decision system is what I refer to as our Proof of Paper (PoP) consensus algorithm.

Shuka is a bootstrap-based landing page template

Demand Based Pricing

Adding a new link to the chain is easy and affordable - based on how I'm feeling and your personal defintion of affordable. The starting price for a new link in the chain is $1.00 USD. This price is variable and based on a mathematical function. Essentially, the price is inversely correlated with how much I want to get off my chair and add a new link to the paper. Once the new link is added, I'll send you a picture of it via email.

Shuka is a bootstrap-based landing page template

Easily Transferrable

Every link in the chain can be transferred. Whenever you want to sell your link, just provide your secret key and target email account. Once payment has been received for the transfer fees, I'll strike a line through your name on the link and write the buyer's name in its place. I take $9.00 USD to broker the transaction. I don't collect payment for you though. You have to figure out how you get paid.

Shuka is a bootstrap-based landing page template

Environmentally Friendly

Unlike other blockchains that require environmentally dubious mining equipment, BlockPaper uses recyclable paper.

Shuka is a bootstrap-based landing page template

Great Gift for Luddites and Technophobes

BlockPaper is unique in that it provides a way for people who distrust computers and technology in general to get in on this new and exciting form of gambling known as blockchain currency speculation.

Shuka is a bootstrap-based landing page template

How it Works

The brilliance of BlockPaper is in its simplicity. There are no hard to understand schemes in place here that require a deep understanding of complicated math or computer science knowledge - there is just one simple scheme of adding paper links to a chain based on how much I care to add a link to the chain.

  • 1

    Get In On The Action

    Buy a link in the chain by paying me using the secure form here.

  • 2


    Wait for me to get up, cut the paper, and glue the link onto the chain.

  • 3

    Think About Your Life

    Contemplate that this is where you are in life. Think about how this is what money has become. Think about a world where money is no longer necessary. Consider going on a walk or calling an old friend.

  • 4

    Share Your Great Decision!

    Once you've received confirmation of your link being added to the BlockPaper network, share the evidence of your phenomenal decision making with the world!


This price can change at any time based on how I'm feeling or how busy I am.

Transfer Ownership

While I can't imagine wanting to give up such a fantastic asset, you can sell your link. I will charge you the Network Transfer Fee™ which is currently set at $9.00 USD.
  • Makes it someone else's problem
  • Makes me do something
  • I get $9.00 USD
$ 9.00 USD
One time payment!


People everywhere love BlockPaper. Here's what some satisfied, forward-thinking geniuses think who bought into BlockPaper!

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the commonly asked questions we receive every day!

Get Started

  • How do I join The Revolution?

    Just click here to get started!

  • How do I sell my link to someone else?

    Figure it out. I don't support that on this platform so you have to figure out another way to get paid for that. The owner is the person who has the secret key that you get when you buy a link. However you can transfer ownership of any link you own using our the transfer form found here.

  • Is BlockPaper a sound investment instrument?

    Define "sound". Define "investment". Define "instrument".

  • Is this a good idea?

    Yes it is a good idea.

  • Is this a joke?